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          9. AVR实现的SVPWM变频调速系统研究

          2006-04-11 《中国测试技术》杂志社csjs

          邓鹏毅,王丛岭 (电子科技大学机电工程学院▄■▓,四川 成都 610054)   摘要:矢量控制变频技术是先进的变频调速技术。异步电机在两相同步旋转坐标系下的数学模型表明▄▓:可以实现交流感应电机磁场和转矩的解耦控制。本文提出了使用高性价比嵌入式芯片AVR ATmega8515实现矢量变频调速系统的实施方法。实验结果表明:基于AVR的空间矢量变频调速系统基本达到了预期要求▓█,在实验负载条件下能够进行变频调速,电压输出波形符合理论分析,电流输出为三相对称正弦波。   关键词█■▄:空间矢量脉宽调制(SVPWM);AVR嵌入式微控器;变频调速███;电压型逆变器   中图分类号:TP393.07 文献标识码:A 文章编号:1672-4984(2006)02-0033-04   Research of SVPWM-AC motor controller realized with AVR   DENG Peng-yi, WANG Cong-ing (College of Mechanical Electronic▓▓,University of Electronic Science and Technology,Chengdu 610054,China)   Abstract: In this paper, variable-frequency-peed-regulation technology was displayed. With many advantages, Space-Vector-Pulse-Width-Modulation(SVPWM) is a better method conlpared with Sinusoidal PWM in field of AC motor speed regulation. Mathematic model in 2-phase-rotation-coordinates with synchronous speed appears and the stator current is synthesized by two components and AC motor can be controlled like a DC machine which torque and field can be adjusted respectively. An inbuilt system based ATmega8515 was investigated and analyzed to realize the SVPWM slid frequency systemThe results of experiments indicated that the scheme of hardwares and softwares were successful and the SVPWM speed-regulation-system could work normally under the given load. The output waves of voltage, currents and speed curve were coincident with the expectable one. Key words▄■▄:Space-vector PWM;AVR micro-processor;Variable frequency drives;Voltage source inverters

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